Digital LED Signs & Rentals

Specializing in high definition indoor P2, P3, & P4 signs and outdoor P5 & P7 signs.
Proudly assembled in the USA at a fraction of the price.

Digital Signage - Perfected

For schools or educational organizations, churches or religious organizations, small businesses, restaurants, law enforcement, conventions, and more.

Custom Permanent Structures

  • Walls, poles, light posts, roof structure

  • Replace or upgrade existing structures

  • Single or double sided

  • Design your sign with our team

Program Simplicity
Simple to operate interface. Users can create in any software or video editing program, upload files to a password-protected secure cloud server, and access their sign from any device anytime anywhere.

Design Advantages

  • SMD quality modules

  • Weatherproof

  • Extremely bright

  • Close and longer viewing distance


Included Features

  • UL Listed & MET Certified

  • Ultra-bright LEDs will stand up to all conditions & 100,000 hours of use

  • Industry-leading 3-5 year product warranty.

  • Ask about our maintenance packages to help your sign last longer

Bonus Offers
Ask about bonus offers for schools, churches, law enforcement, and military!

You want your sign to last. We want your sign to last. Think of it like a car... when you perform regular maintenance, you'll see the best results.